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Calm the Mind and Enjoy

Your Life

At Israel’s Psychotherapy Center in Toronto, Ontario, I provide counselling to help individuals who encounter emotional and mental issues. These include stress, substance abuse, depression, anxiety,
and more.

I have been practicing in the field for more than 10 years. My passion and dedication to helping people are one of the reasons behind the clinic’s success.

Why Choose Us 

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Our Mission 

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When human beings experience life stressors, it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel. My great passion is bringing healing to people who have been through a traumatic/stressful experience. I help my clients, adults and families, to find healthy perceptions of themselves and strengthen their relationships so they can know themselves complete, whole and safe.

I am an energetic psychotherapist who pulls from a variety of treatment approaches depending on what works for you. I help you to connect the underlying dots, gain better understanding of yourself and help you to tear down your façade so that you can get in touch with your true self. I will help you accomplish this by pushing you to your potential, asking you difficult questions and being in tune with your defences that may be holding you back from success/normalcy. This is accomplished thorough an in-depth intake and structured sessions, ensuring that you are learning more about yourself during each session.

I specialize in mental health issues that include anxiety, depression, borderline and other issues, addictions, as well as religion (specifically Judaism
and Christianity).

I know that no single approach is the right one for every individual, and so I have been trained in a range of modalities including CBT, DBT, Psychodynamic Theory, Emotional Experiential and CPT Trauma processing modalities.

Address the elephant in the room by taking action in your life, go ahead and call for at least a 20 minute telephone consultation.

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